7 Common Gym Mistakes Students Usually Make

A healthy lifestyle is becoming popular - and this is very pleasing. But the reality is that many people have not been involved in sports before, and therefore often have a vague idea of ​​how and what to do. More and more often we can observe the visitors of the gym, who are engaged not only in vain but also perform exercises in a way that can damage their health.

1. Repetition after other trainees in the gym

Depending on the goals and objectives, the training may differ from one another. And you shouldn't repeat after your friend or any other person without making sure you need it.
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2. Cardio, cardio, and nothing but cardio

A stereotype has long been formed in society: to lose weight, you need to run - a lot, everywhere and often. People come to the gym and walk/run for hours on ellipsoids and treadmills. The secret of successful training is the alternation of anaerobic (strength) and aerobic (cardio) loads because our body is a biological system that works in a complex.

3. Everyday repetitions of the same workout

Your muscles need to rest. By doing the same daily routine, you keep your muscles from recovery . Ultimately, you will hurt yourself. Besides, the effectiveness of training increases if you work out all muscle groups during the week, rather than selective ones, and alternate workouts with days of rest.

4. Violation of the sequence of exercises

This problem concerns everyone who visits the gym and does not know that the safety during the lesson, the effectiveness of the training, and, of course, its result depend on the sequence of exercises. The workout is designed in such a way as to work out all muscles - from large to small.
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5. Neglecting proper nutrition

Not everyone sees a direct connection between weight loss, exercise, and nutrition. Sometimes there is more trust in the invisible users of amateur fitness communities than in the arguments of professional coaches . To achieve any fitness goal (lose weight, gain weight, get shredded), you should follow the diet, daily regime, and workout.

6. Neglect of drinking regime

Some people are convinced they should never drink while exercising. During physical activity, people sweat, and lose a lot of hydration . As a result, the body becomes dehydrated, a heavy load falls on it: the heart starts to work faster, the joints lose their usual intra-articular fluid, metabolic processes slow down (and you need to speed them up!). Therefore, we drink water while working out . It relieves fatigue and helps burn calories faster.

7. Violation of the laws of biomechanics

To load the muscles as efficiently as possible, we recommend performing some exercises in a specific order:
- lifting legs in support and twisting (first lifting the legs, then twisting)
- adduction and abduction of the legs in the simulator - "butterfly" (first adduction, then - abduction)
- flexion and extension of the legs in the simulator (first flexion, then extension).
Do not repeat the typical mistakes listed above, train correctly, and with pleasure.