Pain Relief Center Testimonials
Roy B

I was in a car accident. I was hit head-on and it really damaged my upper and lower spine. That resulted in two major surgeries: a fusion on the neck and in the lower back. I was put on a lot of pain medications. I had sharp pains, a cold feeling, like I had frostbite. And when I would walk or attempt to walk fast or run the pain just radiated all the way down… out my toe from my lower back. I’d get depressed and I wasn’t dealing with it very well.
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Mark S

I was in so much pain in my lower back since I was in the service 25 years ago and I just lived with this all my life. My primary doctor recommended I go to the Pain Relief Center where the doctor diagnosed my problem with x-rays and an MRI as instability of the vertebrae and said, “We could fix you up in a heartbeat!” He scheduled me over a period of time to have a series of injections in the spinal cord area and it totally cured that nerve pain.

I’ve got a change of life right now, you know, I can now do the things that I couldn’t do in the past. It is sheer relief. I think the reason why I didn’t follow up on this earlier is because I just thought it was me, you know, it was how I was made up and that there was nothing that anybody could do with it. The bottom line is I would recommend the Pain Relief Center to anybody that is having pain in their back. Consult with one of the physicians. They are extremely knowledgeable in terms of diagnostics and their approach to getting you back up and running doing the things that you’re supposed to be doing and should have been doing years ago. And, don’t have the fear of the unknown…They’ll be able to help you.

Marly B

It’s like I’ve got a knife going across my back and then it goes down my leg. And then when it really gets bad, I start dragging my leg. You know, when people are in pain they just want to curl up in their bed and just disappear. The only thing you think about 24/7 is pain and how much it hurts. And that’s not what life is supposed to be about.

I don’t like taking pills. I never have. So, when my pain flairs up, they gave me a medicine bag that allows me to determine how much medication I can direct to my pain. It’s on my side. It’s my little buddy. No more pills and its just awesome. I trust my doctor with my life. I mean, without him, I wouldn’t have a life. Now I am able to work 40 hours a week and if you were at my job, you wouldn’t know I was seeing a pain specialist because I seem normal….as normal as can be.

Debbie T

If I had a scale of one to ten, I would say my pain level was fifteen. It was off the chart. I could not function. I’d lay in bed at nighttime and just the sheet touching the bottom of my feet hurt so bad. It was so excruciating. It was unbearable.

From the very first day I walked into that door, I knew that the people in that place cared about me. When I was crying it was like, “It’s gonna be okay.” When I got so upset they’d say, “It’s all right. We’re gonna figure this out. We’re gonna do something.” And it didn’t take them very long to figure it out. Within a week and a half, they figured out I’d be a good candidate for the spinal cord pain stimulator.

My life has totally changed since the spinal cord pain stimulator. I am sure if I stayed where I was, I’d probably still be in a wheelchair. Do I think I can run a marathon? No. But now I can ride a bike and it doesn’t hurt my feet. Most weeks I ride twenty to thirty miles. Anybody that has a lot of pain would benefit from going to them. I just had a wonderful, wonderful experience with them and I would trust them with my children.