Mark S

I was in so much pain in my lower back since I was in the service 25 years ago and I just lived with this all my life. My primary doctor recommended I go to the Pain Relief Center where the doctor diagnosed my problem with x-rays and an MRI as instability of the vertebrae and said, “We could fix you up in a heartbeat!” He scheduled me over a period of time to have a series of injections in the spinal cord area and it totally cured that nerve pain.

I’ve got a change of life right now, you know, I can now do the things that I couldn’t do in the past. It is sheer relief. I think the reason why I didn’t follow up on this earlier is because I just thought it was me, you know, it was how I was made up and that there was nothing that anybody could do with it. The bottom line is I would recommend the Pain Relief Center to anybody that is having pain in their back. Consult with one of the physicians. They are extremely knowledgeable in terms of diagnostics and their approach to getting you back up and running doing the things that you’re supposed to be doing and should have been doing years ago. And, don’t have the fear of the unknown…They’ll be able to help you.