Roy B

I was in a car accident. I was hit head-on and it really damaged my upper and lower spine. That resulted in two major surgeries: a fusion on the neck and in the lower back. I was put on a lot of pain medications. I had sharp pains, a cold feeling, like I had frostbite. And when I would walk or attempt to walk fast or run the pain just radiated all the way down… out my toe from my lower back. I’d get depressed and I wasn’t dealing with it very well.

So I got a pain pump at another pain clinic and it helped a lot. I was able to cut a lot of those medicines out. But I still couldn’t do many activities. When I first went to the Pain Relief Center, I was just looking for somebody that could fill my pain pump. When I was there on a routine appointment the doctor said, “I think you would be a very good candidate for a neurostimulator.” I lit up like a Christmas tree. They told me all about it and I said, “Sir, can I PLEASE get this?” Within 60 days I had the surgery. It was instant relief. When I came home I had a glow about me. I started becoming me again.

I was able to do normal stuff like walk the dog and then I started to do a slow jog and it wasn’t hurting. At one time I was told by doctors that I would never run again. And when I ran, it was an incredible feeling. It was like a second chance. I was so happy. When you get rid of your pain, you get everything back in your life. I feel like a man again.